Christmas Sewing Frenzy

17 Jan

So, I probably definitely did more sewing in the week and a half before we left for Christmas than I had through most of the year (save week before Halloween, Hmm maybe there is a pattern there). I made the girls a couple dresses each. I tried two different patterns.

Image I had a lot more winter/Christmas themed fabric than I thought, so I let Maire Shannon pick the pattern she liked best and worked with that one first. She really like the ice skating girls, so we went with that. I purchased the Five and Ten Design pattern back when it first came out last summer. I really like the blogger designers who contributed, so I snatched it up but hadn’t tested it out till now. I used the new sleeve add-on pattern and tried out the simple Look No.1. I made it up in a 3T for Missy. I lengthen it a bit thought because I like dresses to be a bit longer than just knee length. The pattern when together really well and fit Missy quite nicely. It’s one of her favorite things to wear (she got mad at me when I wouldn’t let her wear it to school) and is quite comfy even with the long sleeves (something I’m always hesitant to do with simple woven cottons).


The next pattern I tried was from the Southern Institute seasonal pattern pack from last fall. You should really keep an eye out on the sewing blogs for their collections because they are a great deal. I paid less than $30 for 26 different patterns. One of the ones I was really interested in trying was the Sally Dress by Very Shannon. The dress doesn’t have any closures, no buttons, no zipper, nothing.  It relies on the fact that the wide neck has peaked shoulders (which of course I didn’t really get any good pictures of). I LOVE this pattern. It sews up nice and easy and it just slips right over their heads. The 2T was really too big for Penny, so I took advantage of the fact that I didn’t have large enough pieces of the red fabric to cut the bodice pieces on the fold and took front and back seams to take the bodice in. I had intended to only take the bodice in a half inch on both sides, but I wasn’t thinking and ended up doing a half inch seam for a total of two inches off the bodice. It was a tad tight getting her into it (it would be easier if she wasn’t a wiggly toddler), but it fit quite nicely. She seemed to really like it (she decided she looked like a “pincess”), and both girls really like that the dresses matched.

1506315_897786576553_1553932023_oThey are so cute together, though Maire Shannon is more into the lovey stuff than Penny most of the time. She is kind of the resident grumpy cat. LOL


I like the Sally pattern so much that I decided to use it for their Christmas dresses as well. I didn’t end up using the big pockets on any of the three dresses I made with it though. I did end up putting in seam pockets in the Christmas dresses because POCKETS!! I used the pocket pattern from the Five in Ten pattern, but I probably could have just winged it (winged it? wong it? they both sound wrong). I made Maire Shannon a 3T and drafted a 18m size by taking about a half inch off the middle of the bodice pattern of the 2T size. Over all I was pleased with how they turned out. Their was a bit of room to grow for both of them, but that also meant that the front neckline gaps quite a bit when the girls move around. It’s not so bad that it’s really a problem, it just kind of bugs me. I also made the skirts longer. I actually made Penny’s too long so I put a growth pleat into her skirt. It’s a nice little detail and because the dress is a bit too big and only has a half sleeve, it should work for some time. Actually Maire Shannon’s dress will probably fit her for a while too.

1487773_897787594513_2096302696_o (2) The pockets were a good call because both girls LOVED them. Penny kept losing the pockets in the gathers and yelling “Where my pokit go?!”, even at Church (which wasn’t as cute). I love the prints as well. Penny’s is an actual snowflake pattern, and Maire Shannon’s just kind of looks like snowflakes. I LOVE snowflakes. They are probably one of my favorite things in the world, certainly one of my favorite things about the winter season. And I really like how the prints are elegant and festive all at the same time. I have another Sally dress cut out for Maire Shannon in the red micro dot and a snowman fabric, but I just ran out of time before we left. Still, four dresses in less than two weeks on top of packing and getting the house cleaned up before we left? I think I did pretty well. 🙂


2 Responses to “Christmas Sewing Frenzy”

  1. Shannon Donahoe January 19, 2014 at 7:34 pm #

    Love the pictures! You did such a good job on the dresses!

    • Meg January 19, 2014 at 8:44 pm #

      Thanks 🙂

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