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An Hour To Sew

10 Nov

I miss sewing, There is a sewing group here that has a monthly swap. Most of the other ladies are quilters, so I’ve always been hesitant to make anything because I don’t quilt. Last time I decided to crochet the candle mats we were swapping. I thought it turned out pretty cute. 01f8f68815fe6883555920ea5b6bb9a7af5037e743

This time we were swapping table runners. I had every intention of making a runner, but I just couldn’t make my mind up on the style. First I thought I’d just do a simple runner with a pleated or ruffled edge. Then I thought I’d cut out several large leaves out of different colors and sew them all together. Then I thought I’d do some kind of double sided runner with fall colors on one side and Christmas colors on the other. I had all these ideas, but the Halloween sewing was taking more out of me than I expected, so I was really close to simply not bring a runner and just coming to visit and eat the Thanksgiving potluck food (which was AWESOME by the way). At the last minute I decided to just go for it. With a little over an hour to work with I surprised myself and whipped up a simple table runner with some fabric I had on hand.


It’s simple, but I like how it turned out and it felt really good to sew something simple that came out the way I wanted it. Making the dragon costumes weren’t as enjoyable as I had hopped. Maybe it was because I was stressed about getting it all done, maybe it was because I was working with knit for almost the first time and it wasn’t working with me the way I wanted. I’m not sure what it was, but It was simple and relaxing to work on a quick project while Missy was at school and Penny was asleep.



7 Nov


Having a bit of a rough day today. The girls have been quite destructive today (dumping out trash cans, emptying desk drawers, pouring out snack cups, etc.). So I decided to have some coffee, and when they suggested we go outside, I figured fresh air would do me some good too.

Right now I’m working on a thanksgiving hat for each of the girls. I’m going to try to do a turkey. This is what I have so far.


I’m supposed to be working on a table runner for a swap I’m going to tomorrow. I’ve not even started on it. I guess I just can’t settle on a style that I’d be willing to part with. LOL As a result, most of me is leaning towards just not making anything. A few of the other ladies aren’t bringing anything, so I wouldn’t be the only Yankee swap wallflower. I do still need to make up the scalloped potatoes I promised. I’ll probably build it tonight and bake it tomorrow. I’m going to try to use Japanese sweet potatoes. I’ll let you know how it turns out.