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I need tea

24 Oct

Maybe it’s a good think that I don’t sew as a business. The Halloween costumes this year are starting to feel like work. Part of me likes being locked away I my tower sewing, but the other part really wants to go downstairs (where Andrew is sitting on his computer) and watch TV on the couch while crocheting, or even JUST watch TV. Of course, I would be able to take more breaks if I hadn’t procrastinated for so long or if I would just do SIMPLE and “good enough”.



Midnight Cup of Tea

4 Oct


So I feel terrible because I  so wanted to blog and I  never do it.  I want to write,  I often think of things to  write about, but then I    never do it. “Bad, Meg”. To  be fair, we’ve not really be  doing that many fun interesting things lately. I have mentioned that we moved to the Tokyo area of Japan right? I am going to the fabric district tomorrow morning (I totally should not AT ALL be awake still). I need to get my but in bed so I can meet the girls to van pool at 7:15 am (“Ouch!”). I’m SO EXCITED though. I’ve never been to anything like this, and blocks of over 100 fabric stores in Tokyo is going to be AWESOME! I need to make sure I get fabric for the requested Halloween costumes (the original plan was a dragon and princess with two dragon-princess babies, but Missy wants to be just a dragon like Daddy, so I’m starting to think Daenerys and her three dragons maybe, I don’t know we’ll see. Now back to you’re regularly scheduled post). Other than costumes, though, I don’t have any set things go get. I do want to look for interesting knits, but mostly just want to find fun stuff and hopefully some interesting notions.

I have rediscovered crochet recently and I’m really glad I did. I’m having fun learning how to make kid’s hats, so since I REALLY need to go to sleep, I’ll just do a bit of a photo dump. Please ignore the messy house in the background. The price of a crafty lifestyle (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself). Enjoy . . . 🙂